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Camden Gardens

Each season in Maine is a treasure, but after a long, cold winter, a Maine spring is a true gift to the senses. As the earth warms, the beauty of awakening gardens renews the soul.

Midcoast Maine and the Camden area offers an exceptional amount of beautiful places to see Mother Nature doing here best to impress!

Enjoying a latitude and climate similar to the British Isles, spectacular gardens abound, both pbulic and private. A stroll down any street reveals just how seriously the art of Gardening is taken around here!
There are cottage gardens, woodland gardens, seaside gardens, formal and informal gardens. Window boxes over-flow, street lights are festooned with baskets of trailing flowers, and legendeary gardens are just a peek over a fence or gate away!

The work of some of America’s most renowned landscape architects, Frederick Law Olmstead, Fletcher Steele, Warren Manning and Charles Eliot are represented in places like Camden’s beautiful Harbor Park and Bok Amphitheatre.
In early Spring, lawns full of crocuses give way to drifts of daffodils and tulips, and Lilac bushes, from pale to deep purple, seem to grace every antique dooryard.

Then follos a processions of perennials…peonies, hydrangeas, fox-glove, and fields of nodding daisies.
But the true star of Maine’s garden season, and one of Maine’s best kept secrets, is Lupine season! This is a magical 2-3 week span in mid-June when every meadow, roadside ditch and hill-side is covered in the iconic blue, pink and white spires that turns every bend in the road into a scene from an Impressionist painting! Even Maine’s most breadth-taking vistas are imporved by a stand of these dazzling flowers.

So beloved are these plants that thrive in our cool, sea and pine-scented air, and acidic soil, that farmers will not mow their fields until the Lupine’s have set their seed! To see Maine in the first 3 weeks of June is to see Maine at one the prettiest times of the year. In a word…unforgettable!

July and August continue to deliver with a dazzling array of wild rugosa roses, daylilies, stands of lavender, and mallow. Be sure not to miss the ever-popular Camden Garden Club House and Barden Tour held annually on the third Thursday of July, just before the weekend of Harbor Arts Festival. It is not unusual to see artist’s set up with easels to capture someones painterly cottage garden.

In the cooler days of Fall, black-eyed susans dot the meadows, and asters, mums and sunflowers compliment the colors of the turning leaves.

Some of the great places to see Maine gardens at their best can be found on our Location Page.