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Camden harbor is home to a wide range of waterfront activities from kayaking and fishing to bay cruises and historic schooner excursions.

Camden’s fleet of windjammers embark daily on two hour journeys past Curtis Island lighthouse and into West Penobscot Bay, making their way past picturesque islands with rocky coastlines, and marine wildlife. As your vessel glides along the bay, glance back and enjoy the majestic sight of Camden village tucked neatly into the imposing Camden Hills. Experienced captains enlighten passengers with historical information about the area and often provide refreshments. Comfortable seating is provided and for those anxious to get some hands-on experience, assistance in hoisting sails is usually appreciated. In the 19th century Maine windjammers formed the backbone of American shipping - carrying quarried granite from Vinalhaven Island to help build Washington D.C., as well as lumber, produce and fish to southern ports to fuel and supply the growth of a nation.

For those who prefer a less turbulent adventure, there are a number of motorized bay cruises available from Camden harbor as well. Some offer scenic lighthouse tours up and down the coastline, while others offer educational tours on wildlife and lobster fishing.

The more adventurous may choose to take matters into their own hands and rent a kayak to discover the numerous beaches in and around Camden harbor and explore Curtis island with its perimeter hiking trail, scenic outlooks and breath taking lighthouse.

Camden harbor is also home to the largest single gathering of the Maine windjammer fleet during “Windjammer Weekend” in September. This nautical celebration features eccentric contests and costumes, great food and music, and an awe-inspiring procession of windjammers under full sail.

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