• Courtesy of A Little Dream View from Mount Battie

"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle.

Hiking in Camden!

Welcome back to Camden, Maine. A coastal community whose slogan just happens to be “Where the mountains meet the sea.”

Let’s go hiking! Gather up a water bottle, a bandana, and a nap sack lunch and head out on one of the many trails that Camden has to offer.

Whether it’s mountainous terrain, a stroll on the beach, or something in between, Camden has what you’re looking for. This being a blog dedicated to the Camden Premier Inns, I feel it worth while to mention that a few of our very own Inn’s have your access to the wilderness covered. From a trail at your fingertips, to a five minute drive, you can access just about any kind of trip you need right from the heart of Camden Downtown Village.

For the “mountain climber” in all of us, the Mt. Battie trail head starts directly behind The Swan House Inn. Once you reach the higher elevations you are offered spectacular views of the town of Camden, the beautiful Camden Harbor, Penobscot Bay and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Abigail's Inn is located at the base of Mt. Battie Camden Hills State Park. A walk through their. backyard and up a neighborhood street will lead you to the trailhead.

The Inns at Blackberry Commons are located very conveniently for a leisurely stroll through one of Maine’s finest nature parks, Merrysprings Gardens, (only a few blocks away from the Inns.)

If a trail seems like too much work, how about a day at the park? Might we recommend the Camden Amphitheather, where in the Summer you’ll find a weekly gathering of Jazz enthusiasts and townspeople alike who might bring a lawn chair and a sack lunch to enjoy the afternoon in the company of good friends and great music.

Whatever your needs might be, it’s sure to be fun for the entire family at just about any time of the year. Please check the official website of Camden for more precise information about our trails, parks, and everything else you could possibly want to know….