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The Schooners are back and ready to roll!

The weather is finally cooperating with us, it might even be safe to say “Spring has Sprung!” One of the things we all love to see are the Historic Schooners that Camden Harbor hosts each year. Sure they’re technically here all year round, but in their “off season” they tend to be in hibernation, under the warm shrink wrap cover that the locals know signifies that Winter is upon us. All covered up and cozy, they sure enjoy the open air when the time is right. As the town of Camden has been getting plenty of Spring time attention, the crews are hard at work preparing each Schooner for the first trip out to sea. The Captains are readying the boats and have scheduled first sails to depart just before Memorial Day weekend. We're excited to see The Schooner Surprise out and about, having recently changed ownership, the new owners are hard at work keeping the same ideals, and giving even more attention to the beautiful "Surprise" that we all know and love. 

As an added bonus, if you'll watch the entire video above, a very talented local videographer by the name of Josh Gerritsen gives his growing audience a look at what Camden looks like from above, and on the ground. We're delighted to share it with you, and hope you'll show him some love as well! You can view his YouTube channel here.