Happy Halloween!

(It's going to be a cold one!)

If the forecast models are anywhere near accurate, I'd say we're in for a Halloween treat this weekend. The Great Lakes, Appalachian Mountains, and parts of New England will see flurries ranging from 3" to 5" in accumulation. 

We are said to get something closer to 1" here along the Coast, but that's still exciting! 

Residents and neighbors have been watching the progress of our Snow Bowl very closely, and we're all excited for an amazing Season of fun in the SNOW! (Here's a hint...) A new triple chair lift, new runs to carve, and as always, the toboggan chute, AND the tubing hill. Their Facebook Page has all the details. 

So while you prepare to hit the streets this weekend in search of all those yummy treats, bring  jacket, and maybe some gloves (just in case!) 

Happy Halloween from the Camden Premier Inns!