Midcoast Maine Lighthouse Challenge!

June 28th & June 29th 2014

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If there's one thing the State of Maine, and more specifically the Midcoast area of Maine is "famous" for, it's the gorgeous, majestic and sometimes even historic lighthouses that we have sprawled throughout the coastline. 

On the 28th and 29th of June, we're lucky enough to have the "'lighthouse challenge" where participants will get to climb, learn, adventure, and best of all enjoy themselves throughout 7 of the lighthouses that are within driving distance of eachother along the Coast.

While you're visiting the lighthouses, you're encouraged to take part in several different activities and "bonus visits" that you're offered as part of the trip.

To sweeten the deal even more, they're offering a "sunset cruise" for a fee, that will take you on an even bigger adventure into the ocean where you'll get the chance to view even more lighthouses and points of interest.

More information can be found at this link