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Maine and the Civil War

Presented by the Camden Public Library!

From around the Northeast they travel, a Group of volunteers ready and willing to show you the history that they've come to live with. A reenactment of what life was like during the 1860's, a time of War. They present, as part of a series presented by the Camden Public Library, a weekend of education, living history, and weaponry of the times. They'll be opportunities to walk beside them, talk with them, and even interact with them (children are welcome!) 

If you're interested in more, the exhibit inside the library will also be available to view. From the Camden Public Library's description, "The historical Company B, commanded by Walter G. Morrill, had been recruited in Piscataquis County, among the farmers of Dover, Milo, and Sebec. At Gettysburg, Company B was sent out as skirmishers by Colonel Chamberlain to protect the regiment’s exposed left flank. Posted behind a stone wall, the Company was too far away to participate in the initial fight, but was instrumental in routing the fleeing Confederates, its sudden appearance adding to the Rebel confusion. Company B was with the 20th in all its battles, from the Wilderness to Petersburg to Appomattox. Its Captain, Captain Walter Morrill, became the Regiment’s last commander in March, 1865."