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Rebellion 18!

With it's 18th year just under a week away from kicking off, PopTech is officially at maximum capacity. The event itself is of a magnitude that you wouldn't imagine coming from a town such as Camden, Maine. This year's theme, "rebels" rings true in the blog that PopTech keeps up to date with it's posts about this years speakers, presenters, and musical guests. In one way or another, we are all rebels. We all fight a good fight within ourselves, and maybe through a loved one, or a colleague. We all have the ability to accept the change in the world, moreso that the world might need at a time like this, and we, as a Community of thinkers, doers, and activists, can make that change a reality. 

As the years pass, PopTech gains momentum for being a breeding ground for that change. Here in Camden, I like to keep an eye on things at "ground level" to see that change at the scale that most of us live. One thing, one body, one change can make a difference. 

For Camden, this event drives home the idea that WE are a Community of change, we CAN control what we see and think, and we should do all that we can to make that change a reality. 

What do you see changing around you? 

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