The storm that shook the Midcoast!

BIG thanks to Central Maine Power!

We're still feeling the effects of the storm that carried heavy wet snow into the Midcoast over the course of 24 hours. Becoming a celebrity online, #Snovember as it was so deemed had Central Maine Power report that throughout the state, the peak number of outages reached a whopping 84,000. Being that we're a state that's used to some weather, and at times even weather that might knock out power, we were almost well enough prepared for this storm. 

By the time the damage was done, there were hundreds of fallen trees, severly damaged power lines, and medical emergencies all around. The crews in charge of repairing these issues worked (and are still working) to make it back to square one. As a Community, we're eternally grateful. 

No matter the beauty that nature shows, it's evident that she also has a side that can be treacherous. Whatever you do, please be careful, take note of those around you, and offer assistance or support if and when or where you can.