Visit the Hope Elephants!

A Pachyderm Paradise!

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Nestled in the heart of a quaint little town in midcoast Maine, roughly 20 minutes from the heart of Camden Village lies the sanctuary known as Hope Elephants. 

All cozy inside, nestled in their 3,000 sq. ft. barn, you'd think they were royalty. A floor to rest their recovering legs, covered in no less than 8 feet of screened sand at any given time, this place is like a hotel. 

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Rosie and Opal are Asian Elephants. From situations of varied captivity they had faced, Dr. Jim Laurita and his brother Tom rescued them both within a short amount of time. Bringing them to the sanctuary to recover, heal, and prosper with 'round the clock supervision, medical attention, and most important, love. These two are a town, and a Community treasure.   

Hope Elephants is an attraction with a purpose. The money raised with tours, visits, and donations goes to bettering the lives of Rosie and Opal, and of course their Pachyderm friends and family from around the world. They live a life they never knew, but one visit to their home away from home, and you'll instantly feel what love they've been given over the years. It's definitely a treat worth checking out for the entire family. (Photos in the post are credited to the Hope Elephants website.) From there, you can find out how to schedule a visit with them, and more information about their mission, the facility, and of course, Rosie and Opal.