The Four Seasons: A voyage into Winter...

It's not ucommon for the seasons to change. Some might think it true, but we're very lucky to see the weather through it's paces. This Summer was an amazing portrayal of the hot days and cool nights. The fall has been colorful and cool, and we're just now seeing the (almost) freezing nights where we have to light up the wood stove, fire up the furnace, or turn on the heater.

The rainfall has been magnificent as well, considering how dry the West Coast has become. It's so nice to see the rainbows from the passing storms, when the puddles form in a matter of seconds. The umbrellas never really get packed away, do they? 

We're excited for our Winter wonderland. The Snow Bowl, the sledding, the mountains nearby that offer what our little town might not. The hot cocoas, the warm mittens, and the turn around that we look forward to year after year. For the residents that stick around when the snow fall arrives, this is what makes Camden so special. 

Welcome, Winter...we're glad you're here!