Camden Premier Inns - Camden, Maine, 04843, United States

Our time to shine!

A busy season for Camden and the Midcoast!

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, Camden is truly spectacular in every seasonal "high point." Currently, as I see it, we're experiencing a period of time that we see year after year. Fall is definitely here, and the focus is heavy on the Camden International Film Festival and the truly inspiring films that were highlighted within, and moreso on the arrival of another year of PopTech! and all it's glory and spectacular visionary ideals. 

The fall foliage means hoards of "leaf peepers" are gracing us with their presence, and the taste of Halloween is on the tip of our tongues. We're truly blessed to make a Community out of such a wonderful environment, and share it with everyone that visits the Inns throughout this time of year. 

We trust that you've had an amazing Summer adventure, and that we'll see you again soon. 

Camden Premier Inns
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Camden, Maine, 04843, United States
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Welcome to the Premier Bed and Breakfast Inns of Camden, Maine. These thirteen Bed and Breakfast Inns provide among the finest accommodations in the Midcoast area, and are all located in Camden, the most charming year-round village on the coast of Maine, overlooking the Penobscot Bay. Book a room at a Bed and Breakfast of the Premier Inns, and you will not be disappointed!